Wellness, beauty, relaxation and health in a unique environment

About us

NAVA THAI is a premium space located in a historic building in the heart of Valencia, a luxurious environment that houses the best Thai massage treatments and techniques, in the hands of experienced native therapists. We only work with certified organic cosmetic products and essential oils, with multiple benefits, taking care of the environment and the experience down to the smallest detail to maximize your well-being. A personalized VIP treatment designed to care for and beautify the body, relax tensions and balance the mind.

Discover the benefits of ancestral techniques in expert hands, along with sustainable products made with natural flowers and plants in our exclusive suites.

A family business born from the owners’ own experience. Two executives with multiple trips on their agendas, who ended up

getting to know luxury massage establishments in cities around the world, in search of relaxation and health breaks in the face of meetings and jet lag fatigue. From a compilation of the best of each, and especially of Thai massage techniques, has been born, with a strongly personal stamp, Nava thai. We welcome you to share in our dream.

Where we are?

Nava thai is located in a listed building in one of the most distinctive  stately streets of Valencia, an exclusive artery that is part of the commercial triangle that runs from Colón to Navarro Reverter, and which houses some of the most elegant and avant-garde fashion establishments, interior design and hospitality. This new Valencian “golden mile” is a particularly pleasant area of ​​the city in which to stroll along its charming sidewalks with buildings from the early 20th century, many of them historical heritage.

Here perhaps below and in smaller print, Benja can add the exact address and directions to get there, Calle Sorní number such, just a hundred meters from Plaza Colón and if you want to mention the metro or bus stop, if there is parking nearby, etc.


Nava Thai has a staff of experienced therapists. All of them graduates and natives of Thailand, knowledgeable about the ancient techniques and trained in the best luxury centers with the highest international standards, with years of experience under their belt. Specialized in 100% natural holistic massages that will harmonize your body and help calm the mind; Let your therapist know your tastes and preferences, such as the intensity of pressure you want in your treatment; She will be happy to advise you on the most suitable option for you if you have any doubts. Thai professionals who specialize in the art of massage accumulate centuries of knowledge as well-being is an intrinsic part of the culture of their country.

What makes us unique

Experience with us the warm hospitality and exoticism of Thailand without leaving Valencia. Nava Thai offers you the possibility to immerse yourself in a contemporary space designed for calm, disconnection and total relaxation with multiple health benefits. A moment to find oneself and reestablish one’s balance. You will experience the legendary welcome, attentive service, and age-old expertise of our Southeast Asian therapists. In our center we take special care of the refinement of rituals and the symbolism of detail. An entire atmosphere created for enjoyment: from the welcoming sound of water, the natural petals and flowers in the rooms (including the typical Thai orchids), the evocative aromatherapy of organic essential oils, or the regulation of light and type of music you want during your stay, among other gestures designed to make your trip with us completely personalized. Our treatments are performed on comfortable beds made of solid wood with the exception of the Thai massage, which is performed in a special room.